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Gate Repairs

Gate Repairs Durban

Stuck gate in DurbanEver been stuck inside or outside of your property?

You will be surprised at how often it happens and at the worst times possible!

What is the cause of this?

Gate Motors and Garage Door Motors are mechanical equipment which means that due to wear and tear you can experience mechanical failure of you Motor and get stuck inside/outside your garage or property.



As the saying goes – prevention is better than cure – by having your electric motors repaired and maintained regularly most cases of been stuck could have been prevented. Contact us for any maintenance requirements. See our Maintenance advice HERE for what you can do to keep your gate operating smoothly.

We specialize in gate repairs, automatic gate repairs and garage door repairs on all kinds of motors. If your motor is no longer repairable or serviceable we will advise you.

Whether you need your Gate Motor or Garage Door motor serviced or repaired contact JJ’s Gate Repairs.

It is very important that you use a reliable good quality motor. See our Product Page for sliding gate, Swing gate and Garage door motors that we recommend.