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Gate Maintenance Durban

Gate Maintenance Durban

If you maintain your gate properly by making sure that the wheels are clear of dirt and other debris, the tracks are clear you will find that your motor last longer for it don’t have to work harder.

The wheels on sliding gate motors must always run smoothly at all times.

Also very important is to ensure that the motor can’t get wet by building retaining walls to keep water away from it.

Motor Maintenance Durban

To have your motor healthy and lasting for a long time it is of the utmost importance to make sure that nothing gets inside the motor such as ants, insects or rats. Prevent this by placing poison such as blue death for ants and mothballs for rats (they don’t fancy the smell) inside the motor.

The biggest problem that we experience is ants inside the motors. Once they get inside your motor they destroy everything which can be very costly.

Also important is to stay away form grease to any part of the motor or gate wheels. Greasy attracts dirt and other debris which turns into a grinding past which can do more harm than good to your motor.

Motors that are not overloaded and working correctly should easily last for 10 years or longer.

Most Common Gate Problems in Durban
1) Incorrect Motor has been installed – quite often we find that the motor installed is to small for the gate or gates it has to open which results in the motor having to work at its maximum capacity. This will result in the life span of the motor be shortened by several years depending on how much it is overloaded.

2) The replacement of circuit boards – a major problem in our area due to lightning, water in the motor, insects and ants inside the motor. Also due to aging, and Electronic problems. As with most technology these days PC Board technology is also improving and it is often a better and more cost effective idea to replace older systems with the latest systems available.